Our Approach

We seek to connect key regional stakeholders for the common good.

The ethos of our work is to promote the East of England to be:

  • a region which encourages responsible leadership and collaboration, with a strong community ethos
  • a place investing in the futures of our people; and proud of our heritage
  • a place where people want to visit, enjoy, invest and live in
  • a regional which celebrates aspiration, achievement and success
  • a focus for our leading industries, innovative technologies and powerful economy
  • a place which is renowned for its values, innovation and culture, offering a high quality lifestyle, in diverse environment, with significant opportunity for all
  • the place where employers, employees and entrepreneurs want to live, work and thrive

We work strategically across the East of England to bring together business and key stakeholders to influence positive change, while focusing upon our key sectors and strategically important projects.

About Us

Championing the East of England

The Regional Economic Alliance provides a platform for thought leaders across the East of England to share their knowledge and collectively work together to address key issues. We provide a forum for the Private, Public and Not for Profit Sectors to meet and work on matters of concern and opportunity, to undertake joint initiatives in a flexible partnership centric way.

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