Independent, impartial, transparent.

The Regional Economic Alliance is a cross sector partnership focusing on the East of England. We bring together key regional stakeholders across the Private, Public and Not for Profit Sectors to address individual and shared issues of importance to the Region.

These include but are not limited to promotion of the region; investment within and into the region; education and skills; social and health care; talent, employability and job creation; business starts, support and survival; environmental protection; housing, transport, infrastructure and connectivity; domestic and international commercial activity.

We serve to connect regional stakeholders to promote our region and champion the economy. We seek to promote the regional story at local, national and international levels.

We have a compelling story in the East of England, the Regional Economic Alliance provides the platform through which this story is shared across the Region and heard beyond.

The Regional Economic Alliance is independent, impartial, transparent and politically neutral. We exist to support and develop the Region and we seek to use our influence and resources in a responsible, effective manner for the common good.

The Regional Economic Alliance is a member of the Deyton Bell Group which also includes Deyton Bell Limited, Deyton Bell Global, and the Enterprise Support Alliance.

About Us

Championing the East of England

The Regional Economic Alliance provides a platform for thought leaders across the East of England to share their knowledge and collectively work together to address key issues. We provide a forum for the Private, Public and Not for Profit Sectors to meet and work on matters of concern and opportunity, to undertake joint initiatives in a flexible partnership centric way.

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